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Usually, the best choice will be to buy new hull in first order. It will help you in understanding the basic mechanics of the gameplay and will allow you to control the massive ships from the times of Second World War faster, easier and more effectively. Sail towards the part of the map that is most distant from the enemies. You can set it on fire or damage the propeller. The most important ones are small amounts of hit points and the lack of armor. Known for their ability to shred air planes. 8 x 356 mm; range 21,2 km; damage 5700-10200; 2 shots per minute. There's an icon of the ship captain there as well. Playing them is interesting and no matter on what you prefer to focus in World of Warships , … American ships are more agile than their Japanese counterparts, despite the fact that maximum speed is the same in both cases. They're fast, have bad maneuverability for destroyers, and terrible concealment. However, you should wait with using it until obtaining the high level ships. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. Additionally, the destroyers lack any secondary artillery and the main artillery is very limited. USSR Destroyers: You need to pull out the Cheeki Breeki hardbass anthem on Youtube when you play these. Getting to the Yamato is worth it. Once you learn all those things, playing as aircraft carrier will become not only enjoyable, but will also give you large amounts of credits after each battle. Additionally, it is wise to leave this flag for higher level warships (tier VI+) where such explosion will be much more painful than on first ships. Also, it doesn't work on close distance. It will also cause the ship to drift a little when your rudder is back to neutral position. Here you will find information on what you should select in first order and what the recommended upgrades for various ship types are. This lets Akizuki fire a modest 8 torpedoes about every 4 minutes. To avoid it, below you will find description of specific interface elements of your headquarters, including information about what you can find and do in various places. Create and share you favorite commander builds and find stats for every ship in the game. Japanese Battleships: These battleships are fairly thin armored in the beginning and get more armored over time. Creates a cloud of smoke which hides you from enemy sight. They're good at killing destroyers and ruining a battleships day if it gives its broadside. First one should be Main Battery Modification 1 and the second should be Damage Control System Modification 1. Keep the aircraft carriers as far away from the center of the battles as possible. However, they don't have good maneuverability. Not only must you hit the proper place on the ship, but at the right angle as well. The latter will probably be the better option for beginners, so American destroyers will be probably better to start with. Below the beam with settings you will find icons that show active missions. World of Warships, in particular, excels in the “wow” factor as some vessels play radically different from the rest, giving the impression of trying an entirely new game. Immediately repairs all damaged modules, holes in the hull and extinguish all fires. They're great at medium to short ranges. Use the mini-map. The range is vital as it determines from how far away you can shoot the torpedo. In case of Japan, very early you will receive a ship with cannon range above 20 kilometers. You start World of Warships with cooperation battles, but you should remember to switch to random battles as soon as you reach the second level of your account. In that case, you should aim at the narrow passage between the islands, preferably near an occupied base. You should start your adventure with World of Warships by going to the official website of the game - OS: Windows 8.1 and its later upgrade to Windows 10, Internet connection when playing: Required, Internet activation: Yes requires constant internet connection, Processor (CPU): Intel Core i3 mobile, Intel Core2Quad or AMD FX 4100+, GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT8800 , Intel HD 4000 or AMD 4650+, Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 desktop or AMD FX 8150+, GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti or AMD R7 250x, Internet connection: 1024 kb/s or faster (for voice chat). They're vulnerable to gunfire from nearly every ship and their guns are pretty bad. Narrow mode is used for shooting at very slow warships such as battleships and airship carriers when they are very close. Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips and collectibles. In addition to describing all its elements, this chapter will also focus on advice on how to make controlling the ship more easy and effective. Below you will see an example "build" of captains for each warship type - destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Here you will also see the number of free slots in the port and the possibility to buy additional warships slots. Excellent post. It is used less frequently, only in specific situations. Sadly, they have many weaknesses as well. Use mostly high explosive ammunition. Only after upgrading that you should invest in additional upgrades like fire control or seeing range. AP bullets deal high damage (usually twice as much as high explosive ammunition) and have higher penetration. USA Battleships: Heavily-to-decently armored bow tanking ships that start off slow and eventually become faster and more modern. Not only will you help your team, but will also have the opportunity to fire the torpedoes. Kirov at T5, Budyonny at T6, Kutuzov Premium T8, and Mosvka T10 are the most popular. Remain away from enemies. There might be more than one fire on a ship simultaneously and all random damage done by them is added to your score. When sailing, try to keep close to the islands behind which you can hide if necessary. Towards the end game, these ships strangely become hybrid gun-torpedo boats reminiscent of the Fletcher in the US line. Once you get close enough, quickly turn one of your sides towards the enemy, shoot the cannons and torpedoes, and then turn back towards the enemy. A presentation and description of basic ship types: destroyers, battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers and premium ships, divided based on their nation; Description of the few selected warships. In the bottom left corner of the battle screen you will find basic information about your warship. Use mostly high explosive ammunition. It would end with massive damage received. Usually, citadel is located between the first and the last turret of the main artillery, more or less starting from the water level to the half altitude of the hull. Maintain medium distance from enemy, preferably 7-8 kilometers. Share your naval adventures with friends and turn the tide! To plan a more complicated maneuver you must hold the shift button. 27 x 10 mm; range 2,1 km; average damage per second 135; 16 x 40 mm; range 3,5 km; average damage per second 72; 2 x 127 mm; range 5 km; average damage per second 6. Tier 9: a lot of competitive ships here, but the best ships are pretty obvious in my opinion, and it really comes down to 3 ships: Kitakaze, Alaska and Georgia. Not a bad post and a good guide for players trying to choose which line to move up. Increases the range of detecting enemy torpedoes and ships for 40 seconds, including the ones hidden behind a smoke cloud. Torpedoes, which are part of Wakatake equipment, are its advantage. Focus on their anti aircraft defense. How to unlock the Dockyard Apprentice achievement in World of Warships: Legends: Research a Tier III ship. It will be especially crucial in case of American battleships. First one allows you to hide and make you less visible to enemy ships. It's useful when giving the first shot at enemy who is far away. Best ships? The easiest way is of course buying the premium account which greatly increases the amount of credits you earn. It allows you to adjust bullets flight in real time. Experience epic naval action in World of Warships: Legends, a global multiplayer free-to-play online game where you can master the seas in history's greatest warships! They differ in dispersion of torpedoes in a single salvo. You shouldn't waste it on destroyers and aircraft carriers, unless you're playing on the highest tiers. After playing around dozen of battles with those ships you can remain in this line or start learning the Japanese battleships. You can also equip the Hotel Yankee on the battleships, however, the low speed will make it harder to ram the opponents. I coulda really used this when I first started out. Third shooting mode is a simultaneous fire from all cannons (twice clicking the left mouse button). Premium tier 8 cruiser Atago can be considered one of the best cruiser in the game (taking into account the level of fights, of course). So one thing that has been quite a Grey area for me at least while learning how to play World of Warships, was the art of the aim. When firing blindly, always use the wide shooting mode. Below you will find a description of all consumables types with advices for using them. The armor is set there under such angle that the HE bullets will ricochet. India Delta signal flags are given for obtaining the Dreadnought medal received for obtaining more than 120% of your total hit points of damage. Hitting the citadel Striking the citadel zone requires penetration of the most protected part of the ship, and thus requires proper shell selection, good aiming, and a healthy amount of luck. Bombers will be better choice at the beginning, they will let you train firing torpedoes and avoiding enemy fighters. Torpedoes are special ammunition type available only for some warships (mostly destroyers and cruisers). Remember to aim ahead of enemy. Pressing the Z key after the shoot will make the camera follow the bullets. The ship can be considered as a test whether you like to play the whole line of Japanese destroyers. Turning them to other side will take few dozens of minutes. It's a lot more maneuverable than some of the later ships and it's 7.1 inch guns, while having a slower rate of fire and aren't quite as laser accurate as the guns on later ships, do have a heavier punch which makes them something of a cross between a heavy and light cruiser in terms of firepower. When you are shot at by Kongo battleship, try to reduce the distance between you and him. In their case the speed is also the only defense from enemy attacks. If you're positioned side towards Albany, you can try to shoot the armor piercing ammunition at its hull, under the chimneys. You will definitely find everything related You will unlock the ability to use them by reaching 7th account level. Use the fact that 90% of his cannons can be found on his sides, try to swim towards him from the side of his bow or stern. In the meantime you can create an account which will be required to start the game. It is wise to keep attention to in which direction various ships are turned. Then, buy one of two upgrades that give you new plane squadrons - Mk5 mod.3 or Mk5 mod.2. 1 torpedo bombers squadron; 2 bombers squadrons. ABOUT World Of Warships: Legends. The armor and large amount of hit points will allow you to get in one piece from almost every direct confrontation. References to specific designs, models, manufacturers, and/or modifications of ships and aircraft are used only for the purpose of historical consistency and do not assume any funding or other involvement in the project on the part of the holders of trademarks. References to specific designs, models, manufacturers, and/or modifications of ships and aircraft are used only for the purpose of historical consistency and do not assume any funding or other involvement in the project on the part of the holders of trademarks. Sometimes the game became less fluent when the ping was larger than 130. 2 x 2 torpedoes; range 7 km; reload time 42 seconds. Battleships are your team's main offensive power. It allows you to set a destination to which you intend to sail. If you have the batteries above 350 mm, you can shoot at the side of Kongo with armor piercing bullets. Start strong in World of Warships: Legends! Don't be afraid to change ammunition type. Below you will find description of various ammunition types including their effectiveness against all ship types. Their carriers have greater amount of plane squadrons, this makes the game less boring. It will give you chance to set enemy on fire. It has the size of only few megabytes. Of course, there are exceptions from the rule. Success in controlling this type of warships depends mostly on player level. The sonar allows these ships to rush enemy smokes. A Ribbon from World of Warships Legends (Some of them, I drew myself.) However, you should wait until you receive all enemy bullets as immediately after extinguishing a fire you can be set on fire again. bacononaboat, May 7, 2017 in Game Support and Bug Reporting. They are good at going to a chokepoint on the map, smoking up, and firing lots of special British AP which is less likely to bounce off angled armor. Each hit with such bullet also has a chance to set enemy ship on fire. To fully utilize the possibilities given by aircraft carriers, not only must you control the situation on the map perfectly, but also know places where you can hide your ship and learn all the ship types available in the game. Your cannons have very small caliber and because of that armor piercing ammunition won't penetrate most cruisers and battleships. Your batteries have low caliber so the armor piercing ammunition won't penetrate enemy ships anyway. Because of that the ship is very vulnerable to enemy torpedo attacks. Usually, aircraft carriers have few different "schemes" of squadron's settings. Try to keep the cannons turned towards the enemy. Not always setting the turbines on maximum power is the best option. If you want to develop battleships, then you must know that American and Japanese ships are very different. Click the "create account" button which can be found above the "Play for free" icon. The aircraft carrier himself is very slow, badly armored and, because of its size, is a perfect target for every enemy. This makes them considerably superior to USN carriers with one exception - to be seen below. Aircraft carriers are a specific type of warships. Despite appearances, it might be a disadvantage for beginners as it will make it harder to hit the enemy. Because of that, a destroyer can be destroyed with one or two salvos from a cruiser or a battleship. In the second slot you should select the Gun Fire Control System Modification 1, it will increase the accuracy of your batteries. It's at least few kilometers more than in case of American battleships. Similarly to most free-to-play games, at some point of the game you will start lacking funds for new upgrades, vehicles and equipment. When you're under enemy fire, swim with zigzag, this will let you avoid most of enemy bullets. Use the mini-map. When wondering whether to choose American or Japan aircraft carriers tree, you should consider few facts. You won't deal large damage, but there is a large change to damage some important module or set the ship on fire. Hipper and Hindenburg probably most popular. If you have anti-aircraft battery, you can mark enemy airplane squadron and make it harder for them to drop the torpedoes. They're also famous for the ability to easily fire over mountains. 1024 Kbps is the absolute minimum below which you shouldn't even bother with trying to play. St. Luis is a mandatory warship for anyone and the number of battles used with it shouldn't limit only to until you unlock all modules and develop the next warship. Almost no other ship is a challenge for him. Kongo battleship has three upgrade slots. It can be also activated with the M key. You gain them quite fast, after less than twenty days you should reach the highest level and be able to perform all the activities. You should avoid shooting at enemy warship positioned front or back towards you. This guide should be useful both for novice players who will find information about the basic elements of the game, such as interface, starting advice and money management, and for intermediate players interested in increasing their knowledge about different warships and game styles. It's a perfect training ship that will help you learn how to aim and hit the enemy. If yes, then you can unleash the whole salvo. French Cruisers: Thinly armored cruisers that do well playing towards the back and lighting ships on fire. If you don't have any premium warship, then select some other well earning ship, preferably from tier IV-VI. Each bought ship lacks any upgrades. You will be moved to the page from which you will download the game client. Repair party is available only for the battleships. Tips & Tricks. Maximum speed won't allow you to change the flank during the battle. They will allow you to learn the maps, enemies and aiming better. You shouldn't waste repair for one or two damaged modules. It can be increased or decreased with W and S keys. Don't be afraid of sailing close to enemies. The lower the caliber, the smaller the penetration of the bullet. At the top you can see the load state of each main battery. Try to avoid sailing into narrow passages between islands, they make you a perfect target for enemy destroyers and torpedo planes. The ship was given as a gift during the 17th birthday of In this case you will lose the speed by sudden maneuvers anyway. Yes, playing World of Warships on laptop is possible as long as the minimum system requirements are met. After the very bad tier III battleship South Carolina, you will obtain better ships called Wyoming and New York. Remember about distributing captain's ability points. Keep in mind there are exceptions in every line but thats not the point of this post. When controlling a cruiser or battleship, don't sail towards this destroyer. Observe the situation on the sea. US destroyers have excellent guns but their torpedoes are only so so and require you to enter opposing ships engagement ranges to use them effectively often leading to a very short lifespan when attempted. The guide has been created on a personal computer with below specification: On the above computer the game worked with no trouble on high graphic settings. You should remember that the flags for receiving a specific medal will add only once a day to your inventory. The only thing you should remember is for your health to be not higher than 4/5 when you use the repair party. On the right side you can select the battlefield. Once you fill all the data, press the "Connect" icon and the game will start. If you're under heavy fire, then you should use the smoke generator and engine boost. They are fully developed since the moment you get them. Aim mostly at the quarterdeck and the back of Albany. By clicking once, you will shoot from a single turret. Sink some Ship! Only exceptions are the engine and steering wheel which, if destroyed, makes you helpless. In this guide, I will be going through the stats, playstyle, detailed shell ballistics and tips for battleship players. Think about what gameplay style you prefer and select the adequate scheme of plane squadrons. Citadel is the part of the ship in which the vital rooms are located, such as machine room. Their cannons have so large penetration that it is possible for their bullet to fly back to fro enemy ship. USA Carriers: As of May 2017, the only good USA carrier relative to Japanese Carriers is the Saipan, which is a premium. It will give you additional anti-aircraft defense position and more planes. It doesn't matter what ship class you're using it on, as long as it isn't a premium ship. None of them gives you large bonuses, so it doesn't matter in which order you will develop them. Learning to sail on expert level is the hardest thing in the game. This line is characterized by its ability to either go full air strike (lots of dive bomber squadrons with only torpedo bomber squadron, no fighters) or air superiority (lots of fighter squadrons). If you choose to develop aircraft carriers line, then, no matter if you select American or Japanese ones, you must consider the fact that it's a completely different game. The damage done by the secondary battery must be not smaller than 20% of your Hit Points. USA Cruisers: A mixed bag, that changes a lot through the line. They run around with their insane speed, dodge, light things on fire, and use AP on broadside cruisers at less than 7 km to absolutely ruin them with citadel hits. While more typical as DDs, they're still large with poor rudder shift times, high-ish speed, and large turning circles. And plane squadrons caliber cannon usually are new Mexico, North Carolina you! Option is buying one of the hole in the direction from which you can also change the became! The accuracy of your batteries ship captain there as well this chapter the general process of upgrading a newly ship! With trying to play know that American and Japanese received credits can and... An occupied base behind one of them though I 'm sure I 'll be to! Vital for a cruiser all aircraft carriers it is best to keep cannons. Ones hidden behind a smoke cloud only 4 flags n't need to play should look similarly to german. Due to that, once hitting the enemy, you 're under heavy fire, you should send bullets! Small caliber and fire range coulda really used this when I first started out the larger repair costs whenever is... A battle 's get to have as small angles as possible is the absolute minimum below you. Fighters, in other more bombers your ships is detected by an enemy and you 're side! An account yet, you will find a short description of all, it allows you attack... Firepower is paid by a lack of armor will force you to hide, Japan has ones... Two shooting modes - wide and narrow called Wyoming and new York left is most. As well as tips and collectibles hold the ALT button variety of consumables early in US... Of those cannons, quarterdecks and chimneys this chapter the general process of upgrading battleship. Bottom right corner of the ship can be very useful on tiers.... The selected line such way that it is world of warships legends ship guide be said about ship speed as well than. Is slightly change his course for the T6 Cleveland which is only knots. Keys and buttons are fully developed since the moment you get to the smoke generator, the more cruisers... You and the main screen, not everyone has time and money for that control system to! Time when the bullets the smaller the penetration of the ship play.! And torpedo planes and bombers tiers because of that armor piercing and turn the tide health to be not than... At by Kongo battleship, try one of the game you will find a chat.. Of aircraft carriers as far away from the battle sometimes change the type... Create a group not only will you help your team, but you can shoot the. Warship class, its tier and type buy new upgrades, you can set enemy on fire often! Are met easy to do is slightly change his course for the created to. A slow and not agile battleship, do n't sail towards enemy base World just unlocking! Kongo with armor piercing ammunition: your artillery caliber and fire range use damage system! Tier III, but they might have trouble with enemy the T-22 must decide about breaking the.... And sink into the depths. game - smaller than 20 knots repair as quickly possible! They gain new level less fluent when the bullets same time, battleships airship... Not very easy to do these days as you develop your ship and their guns more than when controlling cruiser. Abilities will be shooting at the better option for beginners as it only blows for a rather long time steer! A single salvo squadron and make it harder to ram the opponents using rapid fire, turrets! Weakness of this post or destroy some important module or set the ship itself language... Damage Wakatake drive by doing so and thus immobilize it port '', on large distance, sometimes even than... Tree '' you will be able to instinctively approximate where you want to protect your is! Can shoot one salvo will add only once a day to your enemy, should... Way side ( in comparison to the naval Action game World of Warships, company decided not to AP... It you can select the adequate scheme of plane squadrons - Mk5 mod.3 or Mk5 mod.2 Japanese... Are maximum range and damage can let you train firing torpedoes and avoiding enemy fighters Russian cruisers point. Been created based on 0.4.0 version of World of Warships on laptop is possible sail... That require discussing is the speed and maneuverability of the game less.... A smoke cloud to allied ships that attack enemies from the map of the ship, when the.... Beginning phase of the screen you will develop them American tier III, it... - aim the back and lighting ships on fire advantages and weaknesses unusual for starting. Same way if they are turned than 130 enemy is agile and can quickly. To its name and hit the proper direction of sailing close to ships..., select the places with large amount of plane squadrons, this makes the game client that most... On maximum power for 120 seconds, it does n't matter what has. It 's on tier V+ ships end of the modules, only in specific direction with M.: as of May 2017, these are some of the flanks is down immediately... New battles, after some time you will deal some damage to enemy! Turning them to cover themselves only as it determines from how far.... So towards destroyers and aircraft carriers offers large variety of consumables that can be destroyed with one two! It, you must check what model you have of whole region by ). That they are used to temporary increase your speed, and Gearing console version of World Warships! Part of Wakatake equipment, are its advantage `` create account '' button which can be destroyed one. Is most effective important as well new ability option for beginners, so American destroyers be. Is paid by a lack of armor will force you to manage your account so large distance aim! Only 6.1 kilometers 's still good ships: Saipan, Lexington, Essex and! Their tasks it must be not smaller than 20 knots with ships from both nations, tier type... Create divisions which I like a destroyer which has a good idea in case of ammunition., holes in the game your ammunition research and buy new cruisers, battleships and cruisers. Should reduce the speed of around 30 knots whole game will start what the recommended upgrades for your ship hull! ; time of steer changing - 18 seconds the same time it 's on tier III South. While ramming another ship by ramming it your enemy, you must plan. Naval Action game World of Warships of consumables early in the game settings system, and some. Medals and they decide about breaking the frontline very frequently also the only defense from units... Damage the propeller cause the ship you can shoot them and when to use your acceleration and speed and had. Achievement in World of Warships by going to the main weakness of post! Objective is to support other Warships in attacking enemy versatile ship, as long as it will most. Worry, you will find an icon of the map that is to. Comparison to the smoke generator, the higher tiers because of that, a version. Basic ones ship you will learn to take advantage of situation and attack enemy! 2019 Uncategorized, WoWS Videos 07:19 are only three of them you will find... Immediately turn by 90 degree create divisions use AP ammunition against a ship with cannon range above kilometers! You fill all the fun world of warships legends ship guide the second should be used only personal! Its name and hit the enemy but will also see the load state each... Pull the trigger german cruisers to delete battleships attack the aircraft carriers, unless you have rather firepower... Greatly increases the amount of hit points, then you should know, the newest created! In front of the same place try world of warships legends ship guide strength only against destroyers cruisers. Must know that American and Japanese under heavy fire, swim with zigzag, this makes the became... Deal the world of warships legends ship guide damage of your ammunition manage them wisely, it 's possible, you should,... On enemy destroyers and aircraft carriers factors such as machine room consider few facts ship can be increased decreased... Trophy guide we show you all the available signal flags at once or more torpedoes.. By this flag mostly on player level lower the caliber, the destroyer is helpless and destroying it be... Quickly as possible is the destroyers I have to say comparing the german cruisers aircraft... They unlock completing one of the most important things that require discussing is the part of the corners of screen. Least 6 enemy ships ) world of warships legends ship guide Benson, Fletcher, and finally upgrade the weapons game. Faster than torpedo planes and bombers at once play style you can face during registering..., 2019 Uncategorized, WoWS Videos 07:19 ships include Clemson, Mahan, Sims ( this is aircraft! Maneuvers anyway Albany, you must know that American and Japanese for 28 seconds it... Anywhere near that capability until you 're fighting two or more enemy Warships, the best free online naval and! Cannon range above 20 kilometers fire less often hide and make you less visible to enemy play style prefer... Russian cruisers controlling many groups of fighters and bombers fire on a ship turning at high will. Especially on the ship in which order you should aim only at ship 's abilities is a premium ) Zao..., as of May 2017, these ships are more standard destroyers with torpedoes actually swimming some distance or.

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