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Enroll today to create a unique identification file that streamlines the search process should you ever be separated from a loved one.

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More than Just a Fingerprint

A biometrics enrollment is a file of identifying information, including fingerprints, digital facial images and a DNA swab, vital to law enforcement in locating individuals who have been separated from loved ones.

In the event of an emergency, already possessing a biometrics file can significantly aid the search process when time is most critical. During a crisis involving separation, having a biometrics file reduces the time needed, and ultimately lost, by families struggling to gather pictures and DNA samples while under stress.

When you create a biometrics enrollment for those under your care, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're prepared—this is the first step for the moment when every second counts.

Safe, Painless and Fast

  • biometrics process camera icon

    Facial Photo

    Five high-resolution photos are taken, which depict a 180 degree image of the face.

  • biometrics process fingerprint icon


    High-resolution rolled and flat fingerprints are digitally scanned and saved, using technology which meets the FBI standards for fingerprint quality.

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    DNA Cheek Swab

    A swab is painlessly taken of the inside cheek area using a BODE Secure Swab then placed inside its individual container where it is kept safe and dry.

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    Secure Data File

    A secure data file is created that can then be sent safely within minutes, at any time, anywhere in the world to assist in finding a missing loved one.

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