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180° Facial Photo

Complete "Ear-to-Ear" Sweep of Facial Details

We start by capturing a participant's face images in five separate poses—front, left profile (90 degrees), right profile (90 degrees), right angle (45 degrees) and left angle (45 degrees). This series provides a 180 degree view of the individual's face. The hair must be tucked behind the ears during photography, so that the ear details are recorded. Glasses are not worn for these photos even if the person normally wears them. These images are all high resolution.

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Digital Fingerprint

High Resolution Fingerprints in a Ready-to-Search File

Next, the fingerprints are captured with a fingerprint scanner, which meets guidelines for high resolution set by the FBI. Rolled and flat prints are captured. This process is easier on the person as it is quick and there is no messy ink on the person's fingers and no cleanup required. Most importantly, this digital capture is of high resolution and the file is ready to send anywhere immediately after the enrollment is complete.

DNA icon

DNA Cheek Swab

Safely Stored and Ready to Process if Needed

Last, a BODE collection swab is used to collect DNA from the inside cheek area. The BODE swab and container is a highly stable collection system, well suited for long term archival storage. This is a painless and easy method and takes only a few minutes. Each swab has its own container and the unique file number of the enrollment is recorded on the container, along with the person's name so that is stays associated with the correct file. The container has an internal desiccant inside which ensures that the sample dries naturally and stays dry. The collected swabs are then stored in a secure, cool and dry environment to maintain their integrity. The swabs are not processed until / unless the individual becomes a missing person—a cost-saving feature for the participant, as processing the swab can be expensive and is unnecessary unless someone is missing.

secure digital file icon

Secure Digital File

Securely Stored and Ready to Send Anywhere, Anytime

During enrollment a unique file is created by the software. This file, known as an EFT (Electronic File Transmission) contains the demographic data of the person including their name, date of birth and the digital fingerprint and facial images. Each of these elements is bundled into the file by the software, assigned a unique number called a TCN (Transaction Control Number) and given a date-time stamp. In the event of an emergency, this file can be sent anywhere, at anytime to any location in the world to assist in locating a missing loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Adults, 18 years and older, who sign a consent.

2. Children ages 4–18 years, under the guardianship of a consenting adult.

(Children under 4 years old may be accepted if capable of sitting for fingerprinting and photos)

The data is your private property, and you maintain sole control over its release.
Fingerprints are formed during gestation and do not change. You may elect to get updated facial images though they do not change significantly and can continue to be
used for identification over long periods of time.
You may choose to delete the file and destroy the DNA swab at anytime by contacting Assurance Biometrics, Inc.
Assurance Biometrics, Inc is based in Hampton Roads, Virginia and services the Tidewater Region, including Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg as well as Richmond and the Eastern Shore.