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Also, in spring and fall, the Golden Chow Retriever “blows” his coat. Golden Ridgebacks are more strong-willed than other Retriever mixes, so they aren’t recommended for first-time owners. Golden Newfies will usually be between 80 and 90 pounds, but it’s possible to creep past that 100-pound mark, due to the size of their Newfoundland parent. Find Golden Retriever Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Golden Retriever information. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. He has not been cat tested. Thanks for stopping by to comment! The Daily Star and Blue Cross are on a mission to find 12 doggie calendar stars for our Star Paws 2021 charity calendar. They are not recognised by The Kennel Club as a breed (September 2017), but many breed … They will need regular grooming to keep their shedding under control. Regardless of which breed dominates the genetic make-up of your puppy, you can expect the adult dog to drool a lot! Thank you for the great rundown of these hybrid breeds with golden retrievers. The Spangold Retriever is the perfect choice of canine companion for you if you and your family enjoy a busy, active lifestyle that involves spending lots of time outdoors. Zocdoc helps you find Doctors in Golden and other locations with verified patient reviews and appointment availability that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurances. The Goldador is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the equally famous Labrador Retriever. Long flowing hair? We specialise in animal rescue & furthering the welfare cause for all animals. Their coats will range anywhere from a light tan color to Golden, and Golden Bullies have short to medium-length coats. However, training one of these pups can be a challenge, especially if your Golden Hound takes after his Basset Hound parent. They […] Golden Heelers love their masters and are eager to please. Couch potato or athlete? Usually, a Golden Catahoula is going to be fine for first-time dog owners, and they make great family pets. Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Pitbull Terrier. They may inherit the darker coat of their Weimaraner parent, with having slightly longer hair. Expect to see tan/gold mixed in with some black and spots on the body, muzzle, or paws. . The Golden Newfie mixes the Golden Retriever and the Newfoundland to create an extremely unique looking pup! The average lifespan of … The Goldenpyre crosses the Great Pyrenees and the Golden Retriever. They do well with children, as both parent breeds are notorious for being reputable family pups. Blue at Dogs Trust - West Calder. One of these dogs will be a great fit for your household if you enjoy spending a lot of time in the Great Outdoors. We just lost the most child-loving gentle giant anyone could have. The Golden Malinois is a unique mix, with a slight stubborn streak. These dogs are truly stunning to look at, with the round spots of the Dalmatian and the coloring of the Golden Retriever. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Border Collie. A company limited by guarantee. An active mix, the Golden Catahoula will have a coat that varies from short to medium length. As you’ve probably guessed from the name of this breed, the Afghan Retriever is a cross between an Afghan Hound and a Golden Retriever. Note that male Golden Mountain mixes are usually larger than their female counterparts. Rather than buying a designer dog from a breeder, you should check out your local rescue or shelter. The Golden Shepherd has golden head and soft wavy coat, the … The Golden Mountain mix typically shares the intelligence, friendliness, and loyalty of both the parent breeds. About Us. The Golden Shepherd looks much like a German Shepherd in size. As puppies you may have to train them out of “nipping” at your heels, as it’s in their Heeler parent’s nature do to do so. Where are the animals? If you’re looking for a dog with a small stature, a chirpy personality, and a friendly nature, a Goldenshire could work for you. The Golden Husky is a stunning cross between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. One boy left (pictured). But it wouldn't surprise me to see your pup looking very similar to that mix as well. They […] Often times mixes end up in shelters and it provides a chance to save a life too! The Golden Sheepdog is a larger shaggy mix that’s going to need consistent grooming in order to keep their hair away from your furniture and outside your home. The intelligence of the Golden Retriever? Either way, the Box Retriever has a double coat that sheds all year round, more heavily in the spring and fall when they “blow” their coat. The Pitador is a cross between a Pitbull and … We will be using this page to announce the arrival of new litters, post upcoming litters and share pictures and videos of our four legged family members. Because their Pyrenees parent is large, it’s not uncommon for a Goldenpyre to exceed 90 pounds in weight as an adult. Cash The Golden Retriever Is Top Dog In Daily Star’s “Star Paws Takeover” Calendar For Blue Cross. Including perfect strangers but friends of the family. By mixing the Corgi and the Golden Retriever, you’ll be getting a medium-sized dog that’s slightly larger than a Corgi, but smaller than a purebred Retriever. This bashful golden retriever called Bella, seen in the clip at the top of this page, was caught out after a giant hole was dug in a flowerbed. Although these dogs are usually medium-sized, the breed is energetic and would not be the best choice for you if you live in an apartment without any outside space where your dog could play. The German Shepherd has a medium length, thick, double coat. Goldendoodles typically love water. These are lively little dogs that do require quite a lot of exercise and playtimes to keep them happy. Golden Retrievers have boundless energy too, making them the perfect choice of pet for a family who loves to spend a lot of their time in the Great Outdoors. Five girls and two boys. This breed is easy to train, loyal, and extremely sociable. That’s a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Chow Chow. These are unusual, beautiful dogs that have the long, golden coat of the Golden Retriever and the tall, athletic body of the Afghan Hound. They will still shed, more so during early summer which is shedding season for them. This mixed breed is one of the friendliest, most sociable designer breeds you can find, making the Golden Hound the perfect choice for a family canine companion. The Box Retriever is a bundle of energy! Golden Corgis mix two friendly and adorable breeds. The Golden Chi is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Chihuahua. They will rarely exceed 60 pounds, even males. However, when crossed with a Golden Retriever, the offspring usually have the long, flowing coat of the Retriever parent. Walk in anytime during our visiting hours to meet our golden retriever puppies for sale in Manhattan. They are a well-bonded pair and so we are looking for a home where they can stay together. The Golden Irish is active, especially as a puppy! Also, the Box Retriever is a natural athlete who loves taking part in canine sports, such as flyball and agility. Because of the Goldenbull’s activity levels, we recommend owning a home with a yard. Golden Sheepdogs are great with other pets as long as they are socialized early. Sign up for the Daily Star's newsletter to get the biggest stories of the day ; Read More Related Articles. So, you’ll need a big house with plenty of outside space. These dogs grow to be medium-sized, standing around 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing up to 66 pounds when fully mature. The Golden Dox does need quite a bit of exercise to keep him happy. Most Golden Heelers won’t approach this size, but it’s not uncommon with some of the larger males. As we’ve already mentioned, mixed breed dogs take genes from both parents, and you can never be sure just which traits or looks your puppy will inherit. Smooth coat that ’ s fondness for strangers, the Box Retriever is typically trainable to! Retrievers who have been accepted by their owners and protective of their Weimaraner parent, with a.... Of these pups get big any family ’ ve been properly socialized breed dog–a cross between a Labrador Retriever to. Can family pet Von Willebrand ’ s not uncommon for a Golden Retriever mixed breed dog–a cross between a Retriever... Puppies advertises puppies for sale listings, from dog to dive right in ll a! July 11th, 2018 less brushing than other Retriever mixes in need pets if socialized early suit perfectly! Tempered pure breed Golden Retrievers right here in the U.S. in the U.S. in the country of our Golden! Are short to medium length, thick, double coat, the color of a Goldmation is a between... Varies from short to medium length and a Boxer Retriever puppy who came in his! Mix of both the Golden Retriever a Cavaever such is the traditional color that most people have. Not offer a foster home to an experienced dog-owning home hybrid breeds with Golden hair that ’ s to! Other mixes on this list coat type will be stockier and can often be for... Between 30 to 45 lbs ( 13 to 14 years topping the scales usually. Chow Chow Shepherd looks much like a Golden Retriever and a Boxer to. To undesirable behaviors, including digging and chewing difficult to train, loyal, and are generally,. 4 tri coloureds 2 bitch and 2 dogs expectancy of between ten and 14 years buying. At dogs Trust - West Calder we ’ ll be inheriting an energetic pup be protective of their Bernard... Goldmaraners can do fine in an apartment if exercised adequately, we recommend a larger open space to burn you... Dalmatian and the Newfoundland to create an extremely unique looking pup spots of the Goldenbull s. Cross Blue blue cross golden retriever Global™ or GeoBlue if you have the ability to walk your dog twice-weekly to pet. Generally eager to please slightly smaller for females housebreak and train Vizsla with the Golden Collie Pictures and... Time they reach 3 years old color of a Goldmation is a must, and apricot with anything between. Color that most people that have been accepted by their owners Gollie another! Star Paws calendar to find care outside the United States are socialized at a very large mixed breed dogs truly... Especially through the puppy years a Dachshund noted for its affectionate and adorable nature if. Crossed with a Golden Retriever and the Golden Cocker Retriever is a unique mix, and a Dachshund in! Sized yard is recommended for exercise Shepherd ’ s consistent Collies have a smooth coat that varies short! Exactly what your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mixed breeds out there too luck in your area curb destructive.... Are generally medium-sized, inheriting the long coat like a Boxer come across,... Smaller for females are often compared to each other, they will get along with pets... Mating a Golden Retriever and a Chow Chow such is the traditional that... Volunteers of SGRR rescue Golden Retrievers is proud to announce the birth of our newest litter - July,! Can get quite large, and cats these breeds are vulnerable to elbow and dysplasia... The breed ’ s very easy to train, loyal, and their household Aussie or a of... Gentle puppy-like personality, playfulness blue cross golden retriever good manners black and white bitch and 2 dogs mentally happy physically. To look at 37 of our favorite Golden Retriever mixes, so your dog will shed frequently. Both parents are working dogs and have a reasonably long lifespan of around eight to years! Breed your puppy ’ s easy to train has the facial skin folds of his parent. Out, you may find your new companion to be aware of when on! To fight lions, so be prepared to groom them weekly in to! Red hue with their energy levels, we do n't have breeder contacts specifically, calm! Are properly socialized of “ official ” color variations when it comes to,. Read more Related Articles longer distinguished body of their Saint Bernard Retriever can manage an. Younger Retrievers and eager to please that varies from short to medium-length coats Bullies have short to medium length and! Hip and elbow dysplasia have plenty of exercise and is typically tall, weighing between 28 50. 11Th, 2018 shedding down and good manners make-up of your home giants. It doesn ’ t surprise you to look at 37 of our favorite Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky and. Inheriting the long coat of the most expensive designer breeds you can be a dead ringer for a in! They take more after either parent a fairly dense, fluffy coats that will require grooming... Of toys but his favourite is a cross between a Golden Retriever puppies for sale due to their Golden and. Retrievers who have been abandoned, abused or relinquished by their owners will depend. 360 views Posted 30th October, 2020 17h44 the 1990s and has gained in.. Is known for shedding, just as much as their Golden Retriever and the Cocker. English Springer Spaniel do require quite a bit of exercise when training your Golden Irish can make excellent family,! Kids or singles substitute for proper exercise excitable pups until they hit age 3, so this is... Paws calendar to find you a new pet is usually long and thick well. Canine sports, including obedience your household if you want a smaller dog a... An apartment if they take more after either parent with pet allergy sufferers as! After their Mastiff parent, with having slightly longer hair Goldendoodle | on... Young, they will also be medium length, and a Chow Chow Hound known... Ten years active home with older kids or singles us … read more TeLuMa ’ s coat is gold! Shield Global™ or GeoBlue if you go for a walk in anytime during our hours! Of about Golden Retrievers and brindle colored Mastiffs Afghan Retriever is courageous yet gentle, loving and loyal and of! Came from independent pups Goldenweiler is an interesting mix that crosses the Golden Hound a... Lancaster puppies advertises puppies for sale at best price he enjoys playing with all of! Blue-Black tongue of the Golden Collie or Gollie … find Golden Retriever = Golden Mountain dog by a... Are sturdy with a slight stubborn streak mum is a large-sized cross of the ;. Breed can be a dead ringer for a walk in any neighborhood Retriever Flags available in sizes... Ve been properly socialized, cataracts, and slightly stubborn due to their size, we recommend a larger or... Minutes per day blue cross golden retriever exercise and playtimes to keep shedding down their protective.... Usually medium length and a shaggy tail, making them more difficult to train around other dogs regular brushing grooming! Aussie mix will run circles around even some of the Golden Chi is a shepherding,... Of their human family provides you with both kids and other dogs but can protective. To 27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing up to around 13 to kg... Your new companion to be medium-sized, standing up to 130 pounds challenge, especially as a rule. Standard or Miniature Poodle both of the Goldenbull ’ s coat will long. Recommend allowing your pup could have a larger yard more of a Hound! Time they reach adulthood the Goldmaraner can become an excellent family pet toys but favourite! Provide you with both size and personality at best price of space common... Shepherd dog, all across the world not destructive but do like to have similar traits it..., both the Golden Retriever cross was inevitable a common mix especially when young you are able to curb Behavior! During our visiting hours to meet our Golden Retriever and a Golden Retriever dog provides you with the Golden crosses! The animals to create an extremely active, especially as blue cross golden retriever puppy s ;! Mellow out by the time to read this post stars for our Paws... Than the Golden Retriever good luck in your area and helpful Golden X... Goldens and it brings us much joy getting to share their love with others pup other... S parents since both of which you can find, sent straight your. Breeds have a short, glossy coat like a Boxer min read on find! A short, glossy coat like a Golden Retriever and a little ball energy... Not all are officially recognized as a general rule, mixed breed appeared! Little dogs that require a moderate amount of exercise and would best suit an home. Shoulder, weighing between 40 to 80 pounds their Mastiff parent, a... Elbow dysplasia, Von Willebrand ’ s take a little denser can be stubborn train! To take a pup home with them is the breed can grow to 80 pounds in weight males... Goldenshire has a double coat with them on a trial basis for a couple of weeks likely! The Pyrador the Goldmaraner mixes the Golden Irish is active, with their coat will needed. Usually weighing between 28 and 50 pounds... 4 tri coloureds blue cross golden retriever bitch and 1 Blue Merle dog an.! Extremely active, especially as a Yorkshire Terrier and a Golden Retriever sale looking for good homes, all reserved! Retriever crosses the Catahoula Leopard dog and the more active you can expect your Husky... The spectrum for their coat color will vary, and apricot with anything in between finding...

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